Summer Veggie Lovin’ is Just Getting Started

Plates, Plates, and More Plates

So over the last few weeks I have become a bit obsessed with plates. Blame my Mom (don’t we always?). I made and posted a recipe and it was of light colored foods which she commented would look better on a darker plate. She’s not an expert…I got advice from one but I will tell […]

A Lifelong Love of Cooking

How long can I possibly have been cooking? I will have to ask my Mom but I would guess I was standing next to her and helping out with this or that since I was three. I know I have a little scar from a blister burn I got making pot roast on the stove […]

How to Launch a Food Blog in 2 Days…and Not Lose Your Mind

OK, let me be honest about something off the bat…I own an internet marketing agency. What does a company like that do? Well, we work with companies to market them on the internet by doing things like advertising on Google, building and managing social media pages, and yes, designing websites. So when that nagging little […]