OK, let me be honest about something off the bat…I own an internet marketing agency. What does a company like that do? Well, we work with companies to market them on the internet by doing things like advertising on Google, building and managing social media pages, and yes, designing websites. So when that nagging little voice that has been pestering me to get off my butt and start a food blog was annoying me for the umpteenth time two nights ago, I finally did something about it.

I Bit the Bullet

I went on GoDaddy and started searching for domain names that appealed to me. I was in luck. It only took me three searches to find what I wanted! I registered CookingYay.com, but then I thought “If I say CookingYay.com someone might hear CookingYeah.com.” That really bothered me, but not enough to turn me off to the domain name. So I registered both!

Then I went to a website that sells WordPress themes and on my PHONE I chose a theme that I thought looked good enough for me to use as a template for my new endeavor. Impulsive? Maybe. Decisive? Definitely!

I Had Help

I have to give props to one of my employees here, because without his help I would not have this site yet, and I certainly wouldn’t be sitting here on a Friday night writing my first blog two days after I made the decision to pull the trigger and launch this site. His name is Jim Napier and he is a digital strategist at my company, Robb Digital Marketing in Edison NJ. Among other things, he does web development, blog writing, social media management, and in general is my right hand man. In his free time (Yes, he has some because I refuse to work my employees to the bone. One of the benefits of having your own business.) he has his own website for anything geeks might love called Agents of Geek.

So Jim installed WordPress on one of our hosting accounts, he installed the theme for me after I bought it, and we were off to the races! Next I registered a Gmail email for this project which is cookingyay [@] gmail.com in case you ever want to reach out. And THEN, taking the advice I give clients all the time, I secured CookingYay accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

I am Just Getting Started

Since I have been taking pictures of meals I have been cooking for ages, it was easy for me to go into my phone and send myself some pictures of recent dinners. I added 2 recipes and this blog over the second day the site was up, and I consider that the official launch of the Cooking…Yay! project.

So that is how I launched a food blog in two days. Thanks Jim, and thanks to you for visiting. I hope you come back to see how things develop (like flavor) over time.